A redundant multi-factor authentication radius server

Secure multi-factor authentication for Active Directory environments

SMSPassword adapts to your existing infrastructure, by using your existing Active Directory and employees mobile phones.

First users log on with their normal credentials, then SMSPassword will send a one-time/temporary password to the person’s mobile phone. The user enters this password and is allowed access.

There you go, multi factor-authentication without the need for tokens, using existing resources in your company.


  • Enables multi-factor authentication
  • Designed for redundancy
  • Smart location filtering, exclude/include based on country. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing Active Directory
  • Supports for cross domain/global catalog lookup for samaccountnames, UPN (Universal Principal Name), iUPN (implicit UPN) and eUPN (explicit UPN).
  • A better alternative to tokens, no need to distribute hardware 
  • Can be configured as 100% on premise, you own the hardware
  • Works on all major hypervisors: vMware, Hyper-V, XenServer and Microsoft Azure
  • Works with Netscaler, Cisco ASA, Juniper, Vmware Horizon, F5, Palo Alto 
  • Works with everything that supports RADIUS challenge.
  • Use your existing plan/sim card
  • Locks out users after failed login attempts 
  • Redundant over several GSM providers
  • Works with every phone that can receive SMS messages
  • Operational management is done with existing tools
  • Flexible license pool
  • GSM signal monitoring
  • Perpetual licenses, no recurring costs
  • Citrix ready/Vmware Ready
  • Cost effective, the system uses existing phones
  • Competitively priced licenses
  • Can be installed on existing machines, alongside Storefront or on your Domain controller
  • Also available as a portable .exe, which does not require installation
SMSPassword architecture