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Once upon a time in 2006

The Citrix Presentation server console did not allow you to add several servers to several published applications. This had to be done one-by-one, and this could result in very dumb repetitive work… for weeks…

This is when Published Application Utility (PAU in short),was created. It’s let you do a lot of things that were not possible with the normal Citrix management console, and was made for Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0.

During the first year, it was free when you registered. At a point there were around 10 registrations per day.

Later PAU was the biggest component for a package of tools; Farm Administration Suite, that would ease the lives of Citrix administrators around the world. Things like automatic documentation and monitoring. Published Application Utility also become paid software. For a modest 100 euro, it could save you days of your time. We had the privilege to deliver it to many customers around the world, among these some very well known names, like Pepsi, The United States Department of Defense, Lufthansa, Dell, Citrix itself and many more. 

Published Application Utility (PAU)

Gourami Software tools

Farm Documentor

Automatically make a drawing of your Citrix environment, now there are a lot of tools for that, but back in 2007 this was unique and first of its kind;

Active directory telephone book

A simple, yet small tool that required 0 setup or servers to run. Simply run it, and you can find everyone in your organisation, at least, when your active directory is up to date. Auto-complete together with phonetic search, enables your to find everyone in your active directory in split seconds.

Farm Commander

It would be nice to copy file to 300 servers at once using a Windows Commander type of interface, compare installed software on server, or even compare servers on file level. Farm Commander is your swiss army knife. 


A helpdesk tool to find people based on session on the central file share. Add some useful tools, e-voilá, you will save your IT support staff hours of work, specially looking up things.